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When people ask me what I do for work, I respond with a somewhat Pavlovian "marketer by day, writer by night." It's succinct, it covers the bases, and I can dive deeper if I really need to.

digital wordsmith

I'm a content creator.

I'm an essayist and digital content creator, sharing what I'm learning in the liminal spaces of culture, faith, and leadership.

Some content will be long. Some will be shorter. But, hopefully, with how often I reach into my bag of snark and witticisms (it's a lot), you'll find something you're looking for here.

From New York City.

Now in Austin.

growth expert

I'm a marketing leader.

My day job lets me blend my love for digital marketing with sophisticated technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Lots of complexity, lots of fun.

I've spent the last decade-plus building award-winning marketing teams and mapping out innovative digital strategies for Fortune 500 clients. I've also written for politicians, shown up in places like The New York Times, and been published in a book.