The Man

I’m a writer and digital marketer, based in Texas. I live in Austin with my beautiful wife, Rachel Varkey Samuel — also a writer and marketer — and our dog, Pickles. (Pickles is neither a writer nor a marketer.)

Myself? My niche is somewhere in the blur between leadership conversation and marketing strategy — two areas I’ve got years of experience in. I’ve helped build brands, I’ve worked on award-winning marketing campaigns, and my writing — sales and long-form — has been seen by millions.

My passion for social enterprise and marketing strategy inspired 90odd, the digital marketing agency I launched in 2017.

My goal? To make a dent on the earth. Perpetually.

The Mission

I don’t write 500-word posts about the 25 Best Things to Happen to the Kardashians. I write long posts that weave narrative into analysis. So, if you’re expecting a quick read, this site isn’t for you.

I want you to explore topics like culture, leadership, and the church with me. Expect honesty. Expect bluntness. But, above all, expect practical suggestions for how to fix the tangled webs we’ve weaved.

Some of my articles tackle topics like the problem of evil and why ethnocentricity kills the church. Others challenge biblical interpretation.

I blend elements of storytelling, photography and observation in writing posts or sharing relevant, actionable resources.

I do this to challenge you to make a difference, make a plan, or take action.

One way or another, this site will make you think.

That’s the point, anyway.


Let’s Talk