Privacy Policy

If you’re here, it’s because you’re one of the few human beings who understands the value of privacy and online data.

Why Do I Have a Privacy Page?

  • Google Likes It – While it’s not as critical to a digital marketing strategy as keywords, user experience, or backlinks, Google values legitimate websites. Privacy policies demonstrate legitimacy and transparency, and Google can reward you over less trustful sites.
  • Visitors Like It – Most people don’t ever look at privacy policies, but it’s still important to have one. If a visitor (i.e. a reader or customer) can be assured that their personal information isn’t being resold somewhere, it puts them at ease.
  • Lawyers Like It – You can get a lawsuit hurled your way if you do anything — and I mean anything — with an email address without warning. Having a privacy policy demonstrates an attempt to be transparent to lawyers.

The Actual Privacy Policy

You can find all the legal info at this link: Privacy Policy

To summarize:

  • I don’t share your personal information. Anything that’s sent to 3rd parties — Google Analytics, Drip, etc. — follows their privacy policies.
  • I use analytics and cookies to make sure you have a great experience on this site. Cookies are not required for access.
  • Your privacy is important to me. As long as you visit this site, I want to ensure — to the best of my abilities — that your experience is phenomenal and that any information you share with me stays protected.
  • If you have questions, feel free to contact me.
  • Also, make sure to read the disclaimer.